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Longevity to the fullest
· July 27, 2023

Greetings Men over 60+ who want to blow out 100 Birthday candles in your future! This is a short course from our Mastermind Longevity Program, a taster if you like, it will guide YOUR journey to hit that magic 3 numbers and beyond. Guys, this is not an on-line program, no I want you to do the work, you will download the program and print it out. You will get yourself a NICE notebook, get yourself a special pen to write with (I actually use a fountain pen and dip it in INK when I write my notes), special for me way beyond keyboards, know what I mean!  Commit yourself and schedule in 10 minutes a day to complete the Challenge Questions and review the Learning component contained within each element of the Program, make it part of your Longevity Blueprint. As a bonus, we have included our 30 -Day Affirmations to Evolve your Mindset TODAY!

So, what is Mindset, is about being in a good place with the four elements of health, it is about being creative, about exposing yourself to new knowledge, mindset is a learned place, you see the start, obstacles, the end, and you have the resilience to see it through, your mind is “on-board “. Let’s have a chat about some of the inspiring content within this Short Course, I hope that you understand that Positive aging is a concept that challenges traditional views of aging as a period of decline and instead focuses on the potential for growth, happiness, and improved quality of life as YOU grow YOUNGER. We touch on good Health and Nutrition which can improve cognitive function, which is particularly crucial as we grow YOUNGER. Regular physical activity and good food intake can boost memory and thinking skills and may even delay the onset of cognitive decline and diseases such as Alzheimer’s. We focus on Stress Management Techniques for Longevity, the importance of establishing and maintaining a regular sleep schedule, practising deep breathing and Mindfulness Mediation DAILY and at times of stress or fatigue. We certainly discuss the need for us Men over 60+ to get 7 to 9 hours sleep per night. Did you know that during sleep, your body works to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. This restorative process is critical for cognition, memory consolidation, and mood regulation. We talk about Improved Brain Function,  Enhanced Creativity,  Importance of learning a New Skill,  Social Interaction, and plenty MORE.

Men, jump on-board with this Short Course, or our 30-day Daily Affirmations Programs before you develop your 40+ year Longevity Blueprint  through our Men over 60+ Mastermind Program, I congratulate YOU for becoming involved, you certainly would have learnt by now that there is no better reward for YOUR Longevity than investing in YOURSELF. This is JVR, your Longevity Mentor signing off!

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