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· September 7, 2023

The Six Affirmation Courses

Empower Your Journey to Longevity: Our SIX Affirmation Courses for Men Over 60
Men, life’s richness don’t decrease with age; it transforms. As we cross the threshold of 60+, we tap into an exquisite era of life – an era abundant with wisdom, experience, and potential.

Repeating affirmations daily from these courses, primes your subconscious mind to internalize these positive beliefs, promoting change from within. Each affirmation course uniquely contributes to your journey to longevity, aligning your mind-body-spirit triad towards a healthier, happier, and more enriched life.

Our affirmation courses are designed to resonate with men of your age, who understand the value of experience and the power of perspective. They aren’t merely a set of words you repeat to yourself; they’re a pledge – a commitment to leading a life that defies the stereotypical constraints of age.

Longevity Pledge
“I pledge daily
to eat foods my body needs,
to stay active, prioritize sleep,
to foster strong relationships,
to learn daily and engage my mind,
to maintain ONLY a positive mindset,
to practise gratitude of life’s gifts,
I will achieve a vibrant, fun filled existence
until 100 years YOUNG and beyond.”


There are many benefits of partaking in a side-Gig after 60+, not the least, Financial Security, it can provide a supplemental income, contributing to financial stability and independence. It certainly will stimulate you Mentally: It keeps your brain active and engaged, combating cognitive decline, and promoting mental health. A Side Gig after 60+ often involves interacting with others, reducing feelings of loneliness, and fostering a sense of community. It will give you Purpose and Fulfillment and it can enhance your overall well-being and happiness, essential elements for a long, healthy life.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons